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Closing the Digital Gap in STEM Education

Ensuring every child is prepared for our digital future

Empower Your Child’s Future
Through EonSTEM

At EonSTEM, we’ve designed robust courses, recruited stellar instructors, invested in hundreds of high-quality robots, and created a state-of-the-art remote learning lab so your child can gain the technical tools they need to nurture their passion for AI, coding, and robotics. With our resources, knowledge, and instructors, we guide students and build their confidence in STEM. Invest in your child’s future, and let us amaze you with what they can achieve.

Our Mission: Closing the Digital Gap

Everyone knows technology is changing at a rapid pace. We believe this presents us with a unique opportunity to see that our kids are prepared for the coming future. Our mission is to ensure every child in America, no matter where they live, have access to the best available resources in STEM education.

Our Approach: Digital STEM Platform

With our mission in mind we have created a ground-breaking digital education platform. Through the use of online education, live classes, and remote smart robotics labs, for the first time ever, kids of all ages will have access to high quality STEM education and real world robotics applications. Students will see their creative ideas and hard work come to life in real time.

Why EonSTEM?

OMO Teaching

At EonSTEM, we’ve transformed education with our innovative online-merge-offline (OMO) teaching model, merging top remote instructors with in-person classroom TAs to offer an unparalleled learning experience. Our model’s standout feature is the inclusion of remote instructors, ensuring that every student, no matter where they are, receives teaching instructions from certified, knowledgeable, and passionate educators.

Experienced Instructors

Quality of instruction is paramount; therefore, we only hire and train teachers we deem to be of the highest caliber. Our instructors come from the best universities, have strong technical knowledge in their area of expertise, and have a passion for STEM education. This ensures our students receive the best instruction available at all levels of the coursework.

RSR Laboratories

Romote Smart Robotics Laboratories – We are the first teaching platform in the world to incorporate remote laboratories into each lesson. Your child can control our robots through their computer screen, bringing the meaning of online classes to a whole new level.

Gamified Learning

Learning needs to be fun! Not only are all our classes
project-based, but each of our courses are designed with competition in mind. If your child is thinking of competing in robotics competitions, our courses will prepare them for success and leave them wanting more.

Personalized Roadmap

Whether your child is new to coding or already building
software programs, we have courses tailored for them. With our
abundance of high-quality classes in numerous coding languages, we can build a custom roadmap that will set your child up for success.

Robot Resources

We understand that STEM education often requires
significant upfront investment. That’s why at EonSTEM we
help eliminate this barrier by leasing our competition-level
robots to every in-person partnership class, enabling our
partners to deliver exceptional STEM education without
the financial burden of purchasing robots.

Interested in bringing EonSTEM to your school or organization?

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