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RSR Laboratories

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Robotics Education Evolved

We connect our live RSR labs to each course so students can develop their STEM skills on real robots from the comfort of their home.


Students will remotely connect their computers to our robots and see their code come to life in real time. The RSR laboratory allows students to gain universal accessibility without sacrificing quality or convenience.


Our labs are equipped with software, cameras, and over 100 industry-leading competition and learning robots to create a technologically advanced learning environment. The world is changing and education needs to as well.


Coding, robotics, and AI are the technologies of the future. Our labs and courses are meticulously designed to teach fundamental robotic skills so that students will be better prepared for school, competitions, and beyond.

Discover Our Labs

We invest in the best and highest quality robots to make our courses a step above the rest

LEGO Robotics Lab

LEGO Robotics engages students regardless of their current coding level in critical thinking, analyzing data, and solving complex problems. Our LEGO lab includes various types of LEGO robots and full LEGO courses so students can let their coding imagination thrive while preparing for FIRST® LEGO® League regional, national, and international competitions.



VEX Robotics Lab

VEX Robotics is the largest and fastest-growing robotics program globally for elementary, middle, and high school students. With our VEX courses, students will learn to code the same robots used in VEX national and international competitions. Our courses are designed not only to prepare students for competitions and higher education, but also to gain critical thinking, logic, and creative problem solving skills that will help them throughout life.


EDU Drone Lab

Aerial drone competitions are one of the fastest-growing competition spaces. From flight theory and design to basic coding, our drone programs help students gain a well-rounded perspective on this emerging new technology as well as prepare for REC Foundation certified aerial drone competitions.



Wonder Robotics Lab

Wonder is a perfect starting point for kids just beginning to code. With the Wonder Dot, Dash, and Cue robots, our courses allow students to experience all that modern robotics has to offer.


RoboMaster Lab

These complex robots - built with AI technology, object tracking, and their own gaming platform - take gamified learning to a new level. Equipped with lasers shooters, sensors, omni wheels, and HD cameras RoboMaster robots allow kids to experience the thrill of modern robotics.



Self-Driving Lab

Turtlebot robots are a new and exciting family of robots that are modular, compact, and customizable, making them perfect for self-driving applications. Each Turtlebot operates on an ROS system, which has applications in education, research, and product development. These complex robots are perfect for advanced students that have already mastered the skills of coding.


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