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Your ideal partner for robotics coding programs

School Collaboration Classes

We understand the obstacles schools and organizations face in integrating STEM education into their curriculum. That’s why we offer a solution that eliminates the challenges of curriculum creation, resource investment, and instructor recruitment and training. By collaborating with us, you gain access to our robotics and coding courses, extensive resources, and top-notch instructors. Let EonSTEM transform the way your students learn and prepare them for a future powered by STEM.

What EonSTEM Provides

Expertly Designed Course Curriculum

Find the perfect course for your organization. From LEGO, VEX and drone coding to Scratch, Block, Python, JAVA, C++, and CAD, our course library offers a wide range of engaging options. Additionally, we specialize in tailoring curricula that align seamlessly with your organization’s vision for STEM education. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your students.

An Innovative Teaching Method

At EonSTEM, we’ve transformed education with our innovative online-merge-offline (OMO) teaching model, merging top remote instructors with in-person classroom TAs to offer an unparalleled learning experience. Our model’s standout feature is the inclusion of remote instructors, ensuring that every student, no matter where they are, receives teaching instructions from certified, knowledgeable, and passionate educators.

Uniquely Qualified Instructors

Quality of instruction is paramount; therefore, we only hire and train teachers we deem to be of the highest caliber. Our instructors come from the best universities, have strong technical knowledge in their area of expertise, and have a passion for STEM education. This ensures our students receive the best instruction available at all levels of the coursework.

Industry-Leading Education Robots

We understand that STEM education often requires significant upfront investment. That’s why, at EonSTEM, we take this burden off your shoulders by providing real robots for every in-person partnership class, enabling our partners to deliver exceptional STEM education without financial strain.

The Future of Integrated Learning

We connect our Remote Smart Robotics labs to each course. Our students can develop their STEM skills on real robots from the comfort of their home. This interactive experience bridges the gap between theory and practice, enabling students to engage in hands-on robotics exploration and experimentation remotely.

What the School Provides


Each school appoints a teaching assistant to help with in-person classroom operations. EonSTEM will provide the TA training.


Each school should provide the in-person learning environment including a computer lab with a TV or Smartboard.


We’ll provide the courses, instructors, and robots to take your students to the next level!

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